4 Ways Today's VoIP Solutions Help Solve Common Communication Issues


    Think back to what your organization looked like 25 years ago. You likely are envisioning big computer screens and massive phones that were used only to take and receive calls. If you look around today, you likely see much thinner computer screens or laptops, but in many cases, that big dinosaur phone still remains. Why? Because it’s such a vital piece of doing business that it’s a major concern to replace. However, most businesses who have taken the leap to a VoIP-based phone system know they are far better off because today’s solutions can solve communication problems quickly and more effectively than ever.

    VoIP solutions provide resources and tools that combat the most common communication issues that legacy phone systems just fail to address. Today’s VoIP solutions drive enhanced performance and convenience for organizations like never before with features and tools companies trust to do business better.

    Here are a few ways today’s VoIP solutions solve everyday business communication issues:

    Communication Issue #1: 
    “I need someone who can answer and route calls to the right place.”

    How Today’s VoIP Solutions Help:
    Many companies struggle to find or support the need for someone to conduct necessary administrative work like answering phone calls. Although basic voicemail services used to work, today’s customers expect more and may hang up before even leaving a message to call a competitor who can get them to the right person. Today’s systems provide the ability to route calls to multiple lines. When a call comes in, the system identifies who’s calling and routes the call to the right place without the need for a receptionist.

    Communication Issue #2: 
    “I wish I could avoid the massive voicemail catch-up I have to do every morning!”

    How Today’s VoIP Solutions Help:
    Remember the days when you got into your office to see your red light on the phone, and you preceded to spend the next hour and a half addressing issues from when you were away from your desk? Good new is, those days can now become a thing of the past because with a modern solution you can instantly forward all calls right to your mobile phone. This convenience provides immediate access to your customers and clients - improving response times and enhancing employee productivity.

    Communication Issue #3: 
    “We want to expand internationally, but I worry about the high costs associated with calling overseas all the time.”

    How Today’s VoIP Solutions Help:
    Since calls are routed using the Internet rather than traditional phone lines, the cost to make and receive calls from anywhere reduced drastically, making international calling more convenient than ever. You can say, “Goodbye!” to those crazy per minute charges the phone company is famous for. 

    Communication Issue #4: 
    “We want to allow our employees to work remotely, but we need team collaboration to get things done.”

    How Today’s VoIP Solutions Help: 
    While face-to-face meetings are convenient, they aren’t always realistic for today’s workforce. VoIP solutions provide the ability for your employees to work from anywhere, attending video conferences and conference calls no matter what their location. This also enables companies to attract top talent who work from a distance, because they can now communicate with their team through chat services and conferences like never before.

    In Conclusion
    Phone systems like our ShoreTel line of products are continuously enhanced with features that provide companies with the tools they need to communicate more efficiently. When organizations make the transition to a VoIP-based service, they gain a competitive advantage over many of their competitors who continue to run on legacy systems that no longer meet the immediate demands of today’s customer. 

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