5 Reasons To Earn A ShoreTel Certification

    ShoreTel partners play a big role in our success. No matter if you’re a reseller, solutions provider or other technology company, we want to make it as easy as possible for you to sell and support our offerings. And one of the best ways to expand the products and services your company can offer is to earn a ShoreTel Certification.

    Training has always been an important part of our partnership programs. The modular approach offered through ShoreTel University is designed to drive higher competency with less resource investment. The end benefit is easy to see: Training that leads to a ShoreTel Certification can significantly improve both your top and bottom lines.

    Below are five reasons to pursue certification:

    1. Increased Sales. Certifications help ensure that your salespeople and consultants will be more adept at selling and designing ShoreTel Connect solutions, enabling them to identify more opportunities and close more business.
    2. Higher Profit Margins. That top-line revenue gain comes with an excellent return on investment: Sales training is offered at no cost.  
    3. More Repeat Customers. Certification enhances the ability of telecom professionals to implement, maintain and support ShoreTel Connect unified communications solutions. This increases customer satisfaction and the likelihood of regular renewals, helping you build a consistent revenue stream.
    4. Greater Rewards. Partners who earn certification also receive points that count toward their tier targets, so you achieve your goals more quickly and have more opportunities to increase revenue.
    5. Simplicity. Our modular training format makes it easier and more convenient to get certified. Rather than take lengthy classes, you attend one or more of ShoreTel University’s “academies,” where you can progress through multiple classes or modules to earn a specific certification at your own pace. And because courses are available online, you’ll reduce the time away from home and out of the field.

    5 Reasons To Earn A ShoreTel Certification


    Hey, this could be YOU!

    For resellers, solutions providers and technology companies, earning certification is a smart move. To learn more, visit ShoreTel University.

    If you’re interested in becoming a partner, learn more about our programs here. For developers and technology companies interested in integrating their solutions with ShoreTel products, visit here.







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