5 Warning Signs That Your Phone System Is Doing More Harm Than Good

    If you’re like a lot of businesses, the only time you think about your phone system is when it’s not working. But the “set it and forget it” mindset can cost you in more ways than one. The way we work – and how a business interacts with its customers – has changed. So while you may think your phone system is doing just fine, it might be doing more harm than good.

    Has your business phone system kept pace with the times? More importantly, is it capable of helping you meet tomorrow’s challenges? If you see your business reflected in one or more of the warning signs below, chances are your current communications solution isn’t up to the job: 

    1. Escalating Expenses

    • Rising communication costs
    • Multiple vendors / contracts
    • Paying for features or lines you don’t use  
    • Maintenance or upgrade charges 
    • Increased energy bills to power equipment & maintain environmental temperatures

    2. Time-Consuming Administration

    • Time or outside help required to perform simple tasks 
    • Compliance concerns 
    • Limited analytics due to manual or multiple reports 
    • Inability to quickly scale to business needs 

    3. Reduced Productivity

    • Phone issues that bring business to a halt
    • Your staff maintains the equipment and handles troubleshooting 
    • Lack of integration with other business processes 
    • Not all employees have access to the same features depending on their location or device 
    • Cannot accommodate BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) 

    ​4. Poor Customer Service

    • Dropped calls
    • Long hold times
    • Inaccurate routing
    • Lack of self-service menus 
    • Limited-to-no options for other channels (e.g., email, web chat, text) 

    ​5. One-Up Competition

    • They look (and sound) better than you 

    With all the options available today, there’s no time like the present to give your phone system a second look. Today’s unified communications (UC) technologies go beyond telephony by seamlessly integrating applications used by workers every day, no matter their device or location. UC solutions can improve collaboration, productivity and overall business performance, so choosing the deployment model that will best meet your needs is key.

    If you’re struggling with which option to choose – onsite, cloud or hybrid – take our Best Fit assessment. Learn which deployment option might be your best fit when it comes to a new phone system. Completion of the assessment will automatically qualify you for a drawing to win an Amazon Echo valued at $180.

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