5 Ways to Improve Your Sales Processes

    The sales process has become a competitive differentiator. According to the CSO Insights 2015 Sales Performance Optimization Study, businesses that improve how they sell can expect to achieve a 31 percent increase in win rates of forecast deals and a 21 percent increase in the percentage of sales representatives making quota. Obviously, these numbers can have a significant impact on revenue.

    Speed and efficiency are central to an effective sales process. Indeed, adopting an agile selling approach will set sales organizations apart from their competition, according to consulting firm Accenture.

    Businesses can develop agile sales by empowering their teams with intelligence, streamlining access to data, and enabling them to act quickly and effectively. Here are five steps you can take to create this kind of environment.

    1.     Integrate Communications With Your CRM

    Your CRM is a vast repository of data about customers and prospects. On its own, it has tremendous value. But when you integrate a solution like Salesforce with your cloud phone system, your sales team is instantly at a competitive advantage. With integration in place, a salesperson can understand past interactions quickly, then connect to the client directly from the customer record. This reduces the amount of time spent switching between disparate systems and improves the customer experience.

    2.     Create A Better Workflow

    If salespeople can’t get back to prospects quickly, competitors can swoop in and take your business away. That’s why enabling a smoother workflow with CRM integration and tools like call routing and mobility can be game-changers. For instance, if a salesperson is in a meeting, your cloud phone system can record the prospect’s call, instantly transcribe it and alert the salesperson via email. As he leaves the meeting, the salesperson can use his mobile phone to call the client back directly from the message – without waiting to get back to his desk.

    3.    Create Reliable Business Intelligence

    Great sales teams are apart by the ability to analyze all types of sales data – from customer information to call records – and synthesize them into intelligence that can be acted on. But without reliable data entry, their analysis could be widely off base. To eliminate this risk, install systems that automate tasks like logging call information and streamlines data entry. They’ll provide clearer insight into sales productivity and effectiveness.

    4.     Embrace Mobility

    Since salespeople are always on the move, sales intelligence should be too. When employees can access key sales and customer information on the go, they become more productive and effective. Collaboration tools make it easy to share a pitch presentation from a tablet or phone, for instance, even while the salesperson is sitting in the airport lounge. After all, being on the road should never be an obstacle to impressing a customer.

    5.      Engage In More Effective Training

    There’s always some risk in putting new salespeople on the phone with customers. While calls can be recorded, a manager’s feedback may come too late to save what should have been an easy close. Create a better opportunity by allowing managers to listen in on calls and provide tips in real-time. Because customers can’t hear the prompts, they’ll never know training is in progress. This way, not only do salespeople learn the ropes more quickly, they’re less likely to lose opportunities.

    Embracing an agile sales approach has concrete financial benefits. Following these five steps can greatly improve how you sell by interjecting speed and efficiency into your sales process.

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