5 Ways Mitel Performance Analytics Adds Value to Premium Software Assurance & Support

    Customers expect reliability and service quality from their unified communications network. Partners are increasingly shifting their support models away from break/fix in favor of a more proactive approach that prevents performance problems from impacting the customer. That’s why the recent inclusion of a fault & performance management license entitlement in Mitel’s Premium Software Assurance & Support subscription makes sense. Available to authorizedPARTNERS on premise-based product sales or renewals, here’s why the Mitel Performance Analytics fault and performance management solution is a natural fit with this enhanced software assurance subscription.

    1. Fault and performance management goes hand in hand with software assurance

    Premium Software Assurance manages risk and maintains optimal UC performance with software patches and upgrades and access to Mitel technical support. Adding fault and performance management to this subscription means that Mitel authorizedPARTNERS can proactively detect and address problems on the UC network with 24/7 performance monitoring, real-time alerts and secure remote access. United Technology Group is a Mitel authorizedPARTNER using Mitel Performance Analytics as part of the Premium Software Assurance & Support subscription.

    "We always recommend Premium Software Assurance for our clients. The inclusion of Mitel Performance Analytics has added value to our remote monitoring services for IP telephony, with voice quality and trunk utilization monitoring and alerts," said Rafiq Al-Mahdi, Manager, Strategic Solutions.

    2. Predictable support costs offer peace of mind

    As businesses increasingly move towards the OpEx, software-as-a-service (SaaS) delivery model for everything from CRMs to social media management, Premium Software Assurance and Mitel Performance Analytics make perfect sense. The fault and performance toolset is provided as SaaS, and is aligned with the Premium Software Assurance subscription period—an approach that helps customers amortize the cost of UC support and enables partners to more easily include this as a package in their support service offerings. Partners can easily add optional capabilities to their service offering to customers—like third-party device support to monitor and manage a wide range of equipment in the network infrastructure, including servers, routers and managed ethernet switches.

    3. Proactive support prevents problems and wins customers

    It's easier for partners to win business with tools that manage customer support issues quickly and easily. Consider voice quality monitoring. Arden Telecom is an authorizedPARTNER that has deployed Mitel Performance Analytics across its Mitel customer base and has purchased Premium Software Assurance.

    “In the past, a VoIP user would need to report poor voice quality. Now that we have Mitel Performance Analytics, voice quality monitoring and alarms help us identify and foresee IP network issues (latency, jitter etc.) before they escalate, affect the quality of voice on the LAN/WAN and therefore impact the user experience,” said Stefan Bagiensky, CTO of Arden Telecom. 

    4. UC management and monitoring is easier than ever

    For some, deploying a monitoring and management solution has been on the ‘to do’ list. These partners can easily start monitoring customer networks at minimal cost with Mitel Performance Analytics fault and performance management now included in the Premium Software Assurance subscription. Specifically designed and recommended for Mitel UC systems, this solution is cloud-based for simple access to performance data for all of the devices on a customer’s network. Secure remote access to devices using Mitel Performance Analytics reduces onsite support visits by up to 80%, making it more cost-effective for partners to troubleshoot problems. 

    5. Demonstrating service level agreement (SLA) performance earns loyalty

    It can be challenging to demonstrate network SLA performance to customers. The Premium Software Assurance & Support subscription addresses this problem with fault and performance management data like device uptime and availability, voice quality performance, IP quality of service (QoS) and handset connectivity. Easily reviewed via a dashboard from a PC, laptop or mobile device (tablet, smartphone), this data is also summarized in monthly or on-demand partner-branded reports. 

    Getting started with Mitel Performance Analytics is simple for Premium Software Assurance & Support partners. Get Started in 3 Steps or contact us at support@martellotech.com.


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