6 Cloud Communications Services Growing in Popularity

    Thanks to advantages such as scalability, expense reduction and streamlined administration, it’s easy to see why more and more organizations are turning to the cloud for their business communications needs. In fact, a recent No Jitter cloud communications survey of enterprise IT professionals found that more than half of the respondents -- 55% -- believe the benefits of moving to the cloud are either clearly identifiable or underestimated.

    Based on the 2016 No Jitter survey results, enterprise professionals are indeed sold on the cloud…but what exactly are they buying, and how has that changed (if any) from the previous year? Below is a list of six cloud-based communications services that stood out as the popular picks among enterprise businesses as noted by the survey results:

    1. Conferencing: No matter if you’re talking audio, video or web, conferencing once again topped the list as the most-used cloud communications service among those favoring the provider-owned software model. The 2016 results were consistent with findings from the 2015 No Jitter survey, with only slight fluctuations in data.
    2. Mobile Apps: When it comes to those using both provider-owned and provider-hosted communications software, mobile apps (including video calls, team collaboration and unified communications) stood out in popularity. More than one-third (36%) noted that they were using this cloud communications service, an 8% increase as compared to 2015 results. No Jitter also noted that this trend should continue as 16% of this year’s respondents indicated that their organizations would be adding cloud-based mobile apps in the next 12 months.
    3. PBX/Call Control: More than one-quarter of respondents already use the cloud for PBX/call control, an uptick of 8% when compared to 2015 results. In addition, more than one-tenth (11%) said their organizations would be adding cloud PBX services within the next 12 months.
    4. Communications APIs: With a leap of 9 percentage points over 2015 results (18% vs. 27% in 2016), it’s clear that use of communications APIs are growing. With more businesses looking to differentiate their companies and improve the customer experience, it’s no surprise that APIs -- which give developers the ability to customize applications -- are rising in popularity.
    5. ACD/Contact Center: Almost one-quarter of respondents said their organizations currently rely on ACD/contact center capabilities, with an additional 10% planning to add these capabilities within the next 12 months.
    6. Unified Communications: Two-thirds of respondents in the 2016 survey indicated that their organizations are using unified communications cloud services, comprised of instant messaging/presence, conferencing, and voice and video calling.

    It’s not so surprising that these six cloud-based services stood out in the survey results when one considers that most businesses – big or small – are looking to reduce costs, streamline operations, improve employee productivity and enhance the customer experience. Cloud communications solutions, in various ways, address all these objectives and more.

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