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As the world spotlight on London continues, we thought we’d share the story of one of our customers from across the pond today.

Joules Clothing is British based fashion designer and online retailer. Joules wanted to offer customers more choices in how they were able to interact with the company - whether over the phone or online. The ShoreTel Unified Communication system, implemented by Lily Systems, granted Joules a fuller picture of its customer interactions, enabling administrators to tend to more inquiries, more efficiently.

“We evaluated our communications strategy holistically, looking at future growth plans and how to further enhance our customer service. ShoreTel’s UC system offered us the scalability to grow alongside the business and the necessary insight into customer engagement. Through our multi-channel approach, customers are now able to contact us in a range of ways which suit them best at a particular moment, boosting our competitive advantage.”

- Nick Wyld, Head of IT, Joules.

Benefits have included:

  • 50% savings in total IT telecom costs.
  • Improved customer service by providing an option for customers to contact the company by their channel of choice whether on their Facebook account, via email, traditional call or text.
  • Innovative video conferencing, which is used by the design team to view prints with the China team which saves a huge amount of time and cost for the business.

“Customer service is at the heart of the Joules brand and is key to our ongoing success. By opening further communications channels, Joules has improved the chance of a sale being completed and encouraged customer loyalty. ShoreTel’s ease-of-use allowed our company to implement changes internally, eliminating the need for third-party services. As a result, we’ve seen 50 percent cost savings over 12 months.”

- Tom Joule, CEO, Joules.



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