As I pack up and prepare to head back to Dallas from Enterprise Connect in Orlando, I could not help but think of all the great things that this event means for ShoreTel and more specifically our Contact Center product and team.

Over the course of the last three days I’ve talked to countless partners, customers, prospects and members of the ShoreTel team about everything from telephony, mobility, Contact Center and yes, even solar powered toasters. It was a great time but it was also an exciting time.

As I reflect on all of those discussions there is one thing that keeps coming back to me:  My gosh, we are doing a lot of things right with our Contact Center solution. Each and every time I, Matt or Matthew would talk about or demonstrate Enterprise Contact Center v7, we would inevitably get two comments:

“Wow, I had no idea your product could do that” and “That is much easier than [insert competitor name here] does it.”

As a Product Manager this is great to hear. I want to see people excited about what we offer in this market. We (ShoreTel collectively) know we have a good product but when it is verified with comments like these – repeatedly – then we know we are on the right path.

It seemed that the majority of people we talked to were impressed with two key features of Enterprise Contact Center.

The first was the Agent Manager. This real-time view of what is going on with every queue and agent in the Contact Center and even allows Supervisors to dynamically move agents from one queue to another on-the-fly. It’s a powerful feature that allows Supervisors to truly manage their staff and calls in real time.

The second was our historical reporting. The part of ECC is completely customizable by our customers. We expose all of it to them so they can create reports that they need to run their business. Sure we have templates built in and all the formulas but if a customer wants to create something unique to them, they can do it. It also has all the things you expect like being able to schedule reports and have those reports emailed or sent to a file server (or even a printer).

While the features themselves impressed, the fact that we include these with our solution at no additional charge really got people excited. With ECC we do not require additional licenses for these features nor do we even require an additional server.

Tick the “brilliantly simple” box.

Aside from the positive responses we had with ECC, we also had a lot of positive comments about ShoreTel Mobility and our newest product line, ShoreTel Cloud Services by M5. Our booth was almost always full this year with people stopping in and talking to us about all of things that ShoreTel can bring to the table.

It is an exciting time to be a part of ShoreTel and Enterprise Connect reminded me of why that is so. We have a great product line up, a great team and great customers and partners.

Digital transformation has become a top initiative for business and IT leaders. In today’s business world, sustainable market leadership is no longer based solely on which company has the best products or even the best people. Instead, organizations that are agile and can quickly adapt to rapidly evolving market trends will become market leaders.

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