Aberdeen’s Customer Survey Shows ShoreTel UC with Lowest TCO

    When real users of unified communications solutions are surveyed, ShoreTel leads the field for lowest total cost of ownership (TCO), according to a report from the independent research and analysis firm Aberdeen Group.

    The firm surveyed 485 users of IPT (IP telephony) as well as legacy TDM (Time Division Multiplexing) from May to November 2012. The study covered the categories of initial capital costs, recurring costs, training cost, and planned versus unplanned downtime. Vendors in the survey were Avaya, Cisco, Microsoft, Mitel and ShoreTel.

    Although organizations of every size were surveyed, the majority, 74 percent, were categorized in the small-to-midsize enterprise (SME) sector.

    The results were clear:

    ShoreTel costs per initial IP extension were $944, compared to $1,485 for all others.


    ShoreTel also registered the lowest annual recurring costs, at $113 compared to $211, or 46 percent less than the industry average.


    The survey reflected real-world results based on customers’ experiences, not laboratory tests as offered by others.

    Aberdeen put the results in perspective in its conclusion, saying, “…ShoreTel’s users are clearly benefitting from a lower total cost of ownership and reduced system complexity.

    “From more efficient use of network resources and requiring less staff for implementation, operation and maintenance - to lower hardware upgrade and software assurance costs - ShoreTel IPT is proving itself to be a good fit for the needs of the SME sector,” Aberdeen concluded.

    The report, called “IP Telephony TCO for the SME: Think Beyond Equipment Cost,” can be accessed here.

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