In The Age Of Social Media, You Think Fax Is Dead? Think Again!

    With the rise of social media and email many companies think that fax is no longer used within their business. It often comes as a surprise that companies still use fax for their most important documents and is an integral part of their business. Industries such as local government, medical, finance, legal or logistics know that email isn’t good enough when it comes to delivering or receiving important, time sensitive or legal documents.

    Why Fax?

    • Because fax is secure
    • Because fax is legally binding
    • Because faxing is an end-to-end delivery technology that email has yet to achieve

    So how does fax fit into a brilliantly simple UC solution? Fax machines don’t have a central control point and are not integrated with the rest of the business so it’s difficult to audit the documents being sent and received. It’s also another group of assets that need to be tracked so many businesses are moving over to fax servers that address these issues and bring down operational cost.

    At ShoreTel we have third-party compatibility for fax calling with a number of fax servers via the ShoreTel Innovation Network. These combined solutions mesh well with low TCO, allowing end users to see real and immediate cost savings.

    In the U.K., AMS Limited is working on a number of joint opportunities for fax integration, taking advantage of the virtualization capabilities. As a market leading fax server in Europe, Rightfax can now connect with ShoreTel over SIP trunks and allow fax traffic to be sent and received over an IP network using T.38.

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