Air Conditioning Wholesaler Displaces Avaya to Cool off Telecom Spending

    Since 1950, Russell Sigler has been providing wholesale air conditioning supplies and parts from its home office in Tolleson, Ariz. Distributing top-quality HVAC and refrigeration parts of top suppliers, including Totaline and Carrier brands, the company has developed a reputation as a market leader. Today, Russell Sigler provides sales and distribution services across the United States from its branch offices located in Arizona, California, Idaho, Nevada, New Mexico, and Texas.

    After acquiring more than 30 branch offices, tripling the size of the business, Russell Sigler needed to reexamine how to support communications for the sales force, technicians, vendors, and customers. With 700 employees now spread across 30 locations, the existing Avaya phone system would need to be expanded. But after pricing new phone equipment and services, Russell Sigler realized the system expansion would be cost prohibitive and needed a better VoIP platform.

    Russell Sigler selected a ShoreTel Unified Communications (UC) Solution to streamline enterprise communications and collaboration. The ShoreTel solution comprises the ShoreTel UC Platform, ShoreTel Voice Switches, ShoreTel Communicator, ShoreTel IP Phones, and ShoreTel Support. Purchasing more than 750 ShoreTel licenses, Russell Sigler is primed for uncomplicated growth and flexibility. Benefits have included:

    • Multiple workgroups streamline call queue handling for better customer service
    • Collaboration tools simplify and speed sales processes
    • Reduction of old and unused analog lines for significant cost savings
    • Least cost routing to save money and efficiently automate call routing
    • Reliable architecture for greater uptime and rapid disaster recovery

    “We’ve attained a modern VoIP solution where we can have multiple workgroups at multiple branches nationwide, and have all our branches on a single system for much less than what Avaya or other vendors were going to charge. There are so many features we now have to pool resources, stay connected, and eliminate wasteful expenses.”

    - Rich Unterbrink, IT Manager, Russell Sigler, Inc.

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