Aligning Your Phone Messaging with Your Professional Image

    If your business is like most, you've spent a significant amount of effort, time and money on defining your brand and building tools like websites, brochures and advertisements to market your business.  But there is one key element of brand that can impact how your company is perceived that is often simply ignored and that's your phone system recordings.

    It turns out that a large number of businesses have poorly recorded, confusing or non-existent recordings on their phone systems that can leave customers frustrated or unimpressed.  If you’ve ever had to listen to a greeting that was hard to understand or put up with poor quality hold music while waiting for a customer service rep, you know exactly why it makes sense to put some thought into this often ignored aspect of brand building.  If the voice on your automated attendant is that of an employee who left the company years ago, this might apply to you.

    Professionally recorded audio can help businesses of all sizes build credibility and create a smooth flow for callers. They can also be great for communicating information such as client testimonials,  sales promotions, product updates, and thank you messages during transfers and hold time.  It is much better to have customers listening to a compelling message about your business instead of having to tune out 80's rock ballads while waiting on hold!

    Our recent rebranding effort gave us the opportunity to review and re-record all of our messages and greetings.  Although our budget for this effort was small, we decided that professionally recorded, high quality greetings were essential.  We turned to Snap Recordings.  Snap Recordings offers access to over 80 different voice talents and more than 500 background music tracks to provide a host of options for businesses wanting to project their brand n their phone system and leverage the many messaging opportunities that come with  professional phone recordings.

    There was a time when professional recordings were available only to large-scale enterprises with complex, on-site phone systems. With the advancements in cloud-based phone systems, any business can now easily create customized recordings using Snap’s simple online ordering process.  We did, and pushed them directly to our phone system. And, we wrote our own messages to communicate exactly what we wanted to say.  We can update scripts monthly, seasonally or whenever there is something new to promote.

    Your phone recordings should definitely be considered as an important tool in your brand building toolbox.   Like a website or a brochure, the words spoken on your phone system can directly influence a potential customer’s decision to buy and help build a sold, long lasting relationship with existing customers.

    Snap Recordings offers a choice of packages to meet the needs of any size businesses from mom and pop stores to international corporations. Prices start at just $50.00 and  Snap Recordings has the professional voices, music tracks, and technology to turn any phone system into an powerful, non-stop brand, marketing and customer support tool that will set a business apart from its competitors.

    We have been thrilled with the results from Snap Recordings.  Everything was delivered when promised  with perfect quality and for a very reasonable price.  I'm happy to recommend this service to all of our clients.

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