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All-in-one UCaaS Delivers Big Business Impacts

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October 19, 2022

No matter what your business does, simple and streamlined communications can help you be more efficient.

When your employees can get in touch faster and have all the tools they need at their fingertips, they spend less time doing frustrating busywork and fighting with technology and more time on what matters to your company.

We’ve already helped hundreds of clients boost their productivity and break down barriers to communication with an upgrade to RingCentral MVP — the leading UCaaS solution which provides messaging, video, and phone, all on one app. Here are three of our latest success stories.

Expanding Jamestown’s Global Reach

Jamestown Properties is behind many iconic commercial developments all over the planet, including One Times Square in New York City, Constitution Wharf in Boston, and dozens more across the United States, South America, Europe, and beyond.

As the company looked to grow and the pace of real estate transactions accelerated worldwide, it needed a single solution for its entire staff to effectively email, chat, call, and video conference.

RingCentral MVP was the answer.

By removing the need for obsolete phone systems and providing an all-in-one solution that was easily applied to desktop and mobile devices, RingCentral helped Jamestown’s employees connect with each other and with customers instantly. Faster connections meant quicker decision-making and more closed deals.

“Having the desktop app and all the collaboration tools on our phones, our computers, wherever we are in the world … that’s been amazing for our business,” says Dean Rogers, Senior Support Engineer, Jamestown Properties.

See how RingCentral MVP’s unified comms solution opened up the world for Jamestown

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Teaching Schoology to Work Anywhere

As a platform that allows educators to share vital information and lesson planning, such as attendance records, grades, exams, and homework, Schoology needed a centralized communications system — one that was intuitive and easy to use — to make collaboration easier among its sizeable remote workforce.

By upgrading to RingCentral MVP, Schoology helped its employees stay connected, get work done, and engage with customers from wherever they were working.

Educators need to be able to focus their attention on their students instead of navigating multiple communications and juggling collaboration apps. RingCentral MVP provided a unified, user-friendly experience for Schoology employees to manage their settings and access a reliable calling and conferencing solution exactly when and where they needed it.

Learn more about Schoology’s success with RingCentral MVP

Bringing More Business Home for Cherry Creek

Mortgages are incredibly complex financial transactions involving many moving parts and pieces of information. Cherry Creek Mortgage Company needed a communications platform that made cross-collaboration easier for its staff. Of all the options available, RingCentral MVP was the best.

“When I compared the feature sets, I could see that with RingCentral MVP, I would get the most functionality for the price,” says Dale Moxon, Cherry Creek’s VP of Facilities.
RingCentral MVP gave Cherry Creek the flexibility to easily share documents among staff, clients, and external partners and provided a one-stop solution for reliable video conferencing, calls, emails, and chat with reliable 99.999% uptime.

Cherry Creek consolidated multiple unwieldy tech products into a single platform with best-in-class customer support. 

See how RingCentral MVP helped Cherry Creek staff feel at home with its technology

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