Analytics are an important aspect of customer service

    More call center agents and supervisors are seeing the benefits of customer analytics when trying to manage call volume and increasing complexity of individual customer's needs. According to 1to1 Media, the Las Vegas Valley Water District has seen a surge in call volume in the last few years. In order to handle the needs of these customers more efficiently, the company implemented call analytics to help direct customers to the most knowledgeable agent for their specific issue. This helped the utility provider speed up workflow at its contact center and reduce the number of follow-up calls, increasing overall customer satisfaction.

    FedEx presents a similar case, according to the news source. While the company has actually seen reduced call volumes due to self service portals and unified communications solutions, customer needs have become more complex. Because of this, the international shipping company deployed a customer analytics system to help increase the effective handling of calls in order to reduce call backs and improve first call response, rather than shorten call time. Analytics solutions, such as call recording, help with this by improving the skills of the agents and better preparing them to assist the individual customer, rather than a overarching blanket of complaints.

    According to the news source, customer analytics help keep consumers loyal to the company directly, which is more important than acquiring new clients, as this actually costs the business more money in the long run. However, improving customer retention rates can also help to bring in new business through referrals.

    Ultimately, customer analytics solutions are a vital aspect of quality customer relationship management. A strong focus on CRM improves customer service and will increase revenue over time, with the importance of the consumer raised above that of increasing sales or the quantitative productivity - the number of calls handled in a day - of the call center agent.

    By shifting the focus of the call center from the business to the customer, many companies see much higher customer satisfaction, retention and referral rates. The overall consumer experience is improving, and more callers feel like their specific needs are met with courtesy and an attention.

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