Andiamo Partners Increase Revenue by Utilizing M5 Sales Engine

    Professional Staffing Firm Embraces M5 Sales Engine for Reliability

    New York, NY(Sept. 22nd, 2008)-M5 Networks, a leading business to business VoIP phone system provider announced Andiamo Partners, an information technology recruiting firm has increased revenue by utilizing M5 Sales Engine. With M5 tools, Andiamo Partner’s have access to a highly reliable and timely network with greater responsiveness, multiple features at predictable costs.

    Andiamo Partners focuses on recruiting professionals who specialize in exceptional information technology talent for financial services firms. Their success depends on the ability to match candidates with financial services companies in a timely manner. By choosing to use M5’s Sales Engine Andiamo Partners can now secure data that effectively determines where sales are being generated. The company is able to download daily reports and train new employees. They have also used it as a way to reach important financial goals by being able to qualify leads at a faster rate.

    Prior to using M5 Sales Engine, Andiamo Partners’ sales force would ‘cold call’ target candidates and customers using insufficient data. Sales teams were analyzing opportunities long after the call causing leads to be lost. By implementing M5 Sales Engine, Andiamo Partners is able to easily identify leading indicators on future sales by analyzing outbound call flows as they happen. This allows executives to match new growth forecasts with outreach call metrics such as call volume, duration and frequency to predict target revenues with greater confidence

    “M5 Sales Engine can impact the bottom line by measuring everything from how long a sales person is on the phone and what numbers they call, to the success of the sale,” said Dan Hoffman, president and chief executive officer, M5 Networks. “Measurement is one of the most important tools any organization can have in a day where most sales are being made and closed over the phone.”

    Andiamo Partner’s sales team no longer needs to rely on post-mortem deal analysis. The company was actually able to measure that last year in 2007, 75 percent of Andiamo Partners’ revenue came from cold calling with M5 Sales Engine.

    “Cold calling is an important part of our daily business and in the first month of using M5 Sales Engine, we saw a sales increase of 6 percent, said Sarah Szpaichler, director of operations at Andiamo Partners. “Since that time we’ve seen that number double in only six months. Our employees use M5 Sales Engine for healthy competition and they view it as a way of performing well for the company.”
    About Andiamo Partners

    Headquartered in New York City, Andiamo Partners is a premiere information technology staffing and consulting firm, specializing in acquiring technology resources on behalf of the world’s largest and most well-known securities firms.

    About M5
    M5 Networks pioneered a "Voice as a Service" platform, a breakthrough solution for business phone communications. Industry experts predict that in ten years no business will have a phone system. Instead, they will require phone system capabilities as an on-demand, managed service over an IP network optimized for voice – in other words, Voice as a Service. Today M5 serves a rapidly growing base of mid-sized businesses. Its solution is distinguished by the rich capabilities and unmatched service that one would expect from an industry leader.

    M5‘s Voice as a Service (VaaS) includes three major components: Active Service Management, or proactive, transparent service from deployment through ongoing management and maintenance; Embedded Continuity, or “baked-in” business continuity that goes far beyond simple redundancy; and On-Demand Solutions, which provide actionable business breakthroughs for marketing, call center, staffing and client service functions. M5 Networks has received considerable recognition and was named to the 2006 Inc. 500 (#272) and the 2007 Deloitte’s Technology Fast 50. M5 was recognized by CRN as one of the top 15 Key VoIP Players in 2007. Internet Telephony magazine named M5 Networks an Excellence Award Winner of 2007 for their Call Center solution and awarded 2007 Product of the Year recognition to M5’s Sales Engine. M5 has also been included on the Pulver 100 list for six consecutive years in addition to receiving numerous other accolades. To learn more about M5, please visit

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