Announcing the 2015 Customer Innovation Awards Winners

    We are pleased to announce the winners of our 2015 Customer Innovation Momentum Awards (CIMA). In their second year, the awards celebrate customers worldwide that deploy innovative Mitel solutions to optimize their business communication goals. The awards represent innovative deployments of voice, collaboration, contact center, cloud and mobile solutions. CIMA winners include customers from construction, government, healthcare, manufacturing, nonprofit, services, and transportation organizations.

    The 2015 CIMA winners include:


    CEMIG for its implementation of collaboration solutions with Telealpha Comercial Ltda. CEMIG had a need to roll out unified communications and collaboration solutions to serve more than 1600 users in a newly constructed building with the vision to modernize and streamline their communications. Mitel collaboration has helped unify not only their communications but also their employees.

    James River Equipment for its implementation of voice solutions with Allen Corporation of America. James River was seeking a system that would provide redundancy and resiliency for their 53 locations so they moved to a virtualized voice solution. After implementing Mitel voice and virtualization solutions, they now have a unified voice system that is resilient and is helping them saving money.

    Make‑A‑Wish America for its implementation of cloud solutions with Trans-West Network Solutions. Make-A-Wish America is moving their offices to cloud communications with the vision to have more control over their phone systems. With Mitel cloud communications they’ll be able to save money and simplify the management of their business communications.

    SalusCare for its implementation of contact center solutions. SalusCare wanted to expand its customer service options but needed a solution that integrated with their existing Microsoft system. With MiContact Center they now have fewer dropped calls and are more efficient in connecting callers with the most appropriate agents.

    Europe, the Middle East and Africa/Asia-Pacific

    City & Guilds for its implementation of cloud solutions with Azzurri Communications. City & Guilds had business objectives to grow turnover and increase market share but found it challenging to do so with their outdated phone system. The benefits of moving to Mitel cloud communications have included quick return on investment of 111%, CAPEX cost savings, and the flexibility to make changes to the infrastructure components when required.

    eNerds for its implementation of contact center solutions with Essential Data & Voice. eNerds wanted to improve their customer service, reduce wait times for customers logging support requests and needed a reporting solution. With MiContact Center they have seen positive benefits including reduction in lost calls/business, increased customer retention/satisfaction and improved visibility into their business because of powerful reporting included with MiContact Center.

    Kennards Hire for its implementation of collaboration with Essential Data & Voice. Kennards Hire faced multiple challenges relating to its existing telecommunications infrastructure including recurring maintenance costs, complex installation and relocation, inefficient management, and a lengthy redundancy fail-over procedure. The Mitel solution provided a tangible ROI, however the additional cost efficiencies through IVR call routing and collaboration tools have far surpassed the initial business case request model.

    Red Funnel for its implementation of voice solutions with Charterhouse Voice & Data PLC. Red Funnel had a voice only contact center solution which was the end of its life and needed upgrading/replacing. They implemented a new contact center solution and integrated it with social media, resulting in a future proof, resilient contact center solution.

    SolusBC for its implementation of cloud solutions. SolusBC had decided they wanted to become a service provider that would provide its own unified communication as a service (UCaaS) solution. MiCloud Telepo for Service Providers supports SolusBC’s ability to adapt to customer and market demands while staying competitive.

    Sri Lanka Police for its implementation of mobile solutions with Metropolitan Communications (Pvt) Ltd. The Sri Lanka Police is one of the largest police forces in the world with over 62,000 direct employees, more than 400 police stations and 50 offices. The Sri Lanka Police were looking for an advanced enterprise communication system to improve the efficiency of the police force while reducing telephone usage costs. They implemented new Mitel voice and mobile solutions improving communication with the police force and the public.

    Learn more about the CIMA awards.


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