Antelope Valley College Gives ShoreTel an A+ in Unified Communications

    Modern communications systems keep people connected and provide collaborative environments for disseminating information. And yet, as public expectations for such technologies are increasing, many educational organizations find themselves facing shrinking budgets. For one of ShoreTel’s customers, Antelope Valley College, this was exactly the situation they faced a few years ago.

    Antelope Valley College has been providing a quality, comprehensive education for a wide variety of learners since 1929. Antelope Valley College was facing increased student enrollment and shrinking budgets. They were also at a crossroads with regard to their telecommunication system. They needed an IP telephony solution they could support with existing funding and resources. It also needed to be scalable for growth, but more importantly, a new solution needed to be flexible and easy to operate. They evaluated Cisco but didn’t feel it was a viable solution because it was built upon a networking infrastructure and they wanted to have an integrated telecommunication system as opposed to something bolted on or pieced together. They chose ShoreTel for their campus-wide unified communications solution.

    Antelope Valley College’s ShoreTel solution includes more than 1500 IP phones, switches, ShoreTel Communicator with Operator Access, Video and Softphone. Thanks to the user friendly interface, they are able to maintain support of the system with only one telephone technician and they save 60 percent of the time they previous spent on typical tasks. Woody Burns, network manager with information technology services at Antelope Valley College recommends ShoreTel: “You need to consider ShoreTel because the ease of operation and deployment is absolutely going to affect your bottom line total cost of ownership.”

    Watch Antelope Valley College's video testimonial here.

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