Anthony & Sylvan Pools Dives into VoIP for Better Customer Service

    This Memorial Day many of us probably have plans including barbequing and swimming. For one of ShoreTel’s customers, hanging around swimming pools is their business.  ShoreTel customer Anthony & Sylvan Pools installs the highest number of swimming pools of any company in the growing U.S. market. With its 50 sites using a mix of Mitel, small key systems, and Centrex systems, as well as voicemail capabilities at only some of the sites, it was the right time to consider a full, company-wide VoIP solution.

    Anthony & Sylvan evaluated 15 different network vendors and also considered managed offerings. The company placed priority on ease of implementation and operation, scalability, and cost-effectiveness. Anthony & Sylvan spoke with customers of each vendor, watched product demonstrations, tested the solutions, and conducted extensive up-front return on investment (ROI) analyses. Anthony & Sylvan chose ShoreTel for its advanced technology, rich feature set, support for the organization’s hub-and-spoke architecture, and ability to be managed in-house. The deployment included ShoreTel 40, 60, 120, and T1 Voice Switches, and hundreds of ShoreTel IP phones of varying models. Currently, all of Anthony & Sylvan’s employees are on the ShoreTel system. Benefits include:

    • Minimized costs and reduced toll charges with the ability to consolidate T-1 lines and leverage least-cost call routing capabilities.
    • Easy-to-configure auto-attendant is built in, so customers can easily select a destination or search the directory by name.
    • ShoreTel core software includes a powerful voice messaging system, including user-configurable call handling options and find-me routing. The voice messaging system can be accessed visually from ShoreTel Call Manager or the user’s Microsoft® Outlook® inbox.
    • When a hurricane forced a temporary shutdown of the Houston office, the auto-attendant feature made it easy to implement a custom schedule so callers dialing those locations received a special greeting.

    “ShoreTel was able to deliver a cost-effective solution with the same robust architecture to both our small and large locations. This architecture provided local presence for emergency 911, which other solutions would not be able to support without making major architecture changes. ShoreTel’s cost effectiveness, and their ability to sell and support our system directly, fit into how we do business.” - Tony Pizzelanti, vice president of information technology, Anthony & Sylvan

    Read the full case study.

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