Apple unveils iAd platform - Why You Should Care

    Apple unveils iAd platform; iPad sales look strong | Reuters.

    Why should you care?

    Because adopting new technology is essential to staying relevant in today's turbulent marketplace.

    Also, iAd is poised to compete with Google AdWords head-on, which means both companies are looking for YOUR business. This may spell "bargain" in the coming months for companies who are ready for it.

    The caliber of technology that Apple consistently produces is blurring lines of content delivery and marketing in a way that is revolutioning the means by which we communicate with people. Not customers, people. You need to reach the person before you have any shot at making them a customer, and right now people are becoming reachable in new, often mercurial, ways.

    Understanding how to leverage new technology and deliver business impact is no longer optional for the modern entrepreneur.

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