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    These days if you don't have an app store you really aren't cool. Everyone wants to have an exchange as thriving as Apple's.

    One of Microsoft's partners have announced that they are going to launch an app store just for MS Office Communications Server. This is interesting as it shows a maturation of the idea of the app exchange, and how it's crossing over from the consumer to the corporate world. It will be interesting to see if this takes hold beyond just the apps from Evangelyze themselves, the sponsor of the exchange.

    Google also launched a new app for Android development, and to hopefully make the Android exchange all the more thriving. The App Inventor is designed to allow anyone to easily create an app for the mobile operating system. Again, we'll see how well this takes off, but it's an interesting counterpoint to Apple who is trying to control their ecosystem in a tighter manner, not open it up to even more developers.

    These exchanges really benefit everyone- buyer and seller alike, and I expect we'll see even more announcements over the rest of 2010 as everyone hops on the appexchange bandwagon.

    Coming Soon: Microsoft OCS 14 App Store

    By the end of this year, expect to see an App Store for Microsoft Office Communications Server 14, Microsoft’s unified communications system. But here’s the twist: Microsoft isn’t developing the app store. This particular online store will be launched by a channel partner. Here’s the scoop.

    Who’s behind the project? Evangelyze Communications, a two-year-old OCS channel partner that develops unified communications systems for schools. Joe Schurman, CEO of Evangelyze, says his company already is profitable, and some Evangelyze solutions generate 80-percent margins in the OCS market. How’s that? Instead of simply reselling OCS, Evangelyze is writing unified communications applications that wrap around OCS.

    Next up, Evangelyze plans to launch some sort of App Store for OCS 14 software developers. Schurman says the App Store is expected to arrive before the close of 2010. Evangelyze is meeting with potential App Store partners at the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference 2010 (WPC10) this week in Washington, D.C.

    via The VAR Guy

    App Inventor: Build Your Own Android Apps

    What if you could easily build an app that does exactly what you want and fits your needs exactly? That’s what App Inventor, coming soon from Google, brings to the Android screen. What makes App Inventor unique is that it requires no programming skills to build your apps. You use the onscreen designer to build the app screen just like you want, and then add functionality to the various components using simple point and click.

    Posted by James Kendrick.

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