Archbishop McCarthy Goes Back to School in ShoreTel Style

    ShoreTel is now empowering students and teachers as they begin a new school year, fueling Archbishop McCarthy High School’s communication solution.

    The simplicity and savings offered by ShoreTel Mobility helped allow the Roman Catholic college preparatory school to fully implement its iPad program, which equips every student with an iPad to access their textbooks, take notes, complete assignments, and submit homework. McCarthy is one of the first schools in South Florida to implement this program. Additionally, every teacher at the school also has an iPad with ShoreTel Mobility, which they use for telephone communication in place of a traditional desktop phone. Additionally, classrooms are outfitted with computers that run ShoreTel Communicator.

    Students, parents, and staff are benefitting from McCarthy’s active and open approach to learn and communicate beyond the confines of classroom walls. Since deploying the ShoreTel solution, the school has realized significant savings on everything from monthly telephone bills to cost avoidance of having to purchase desk phones and wire the buildings. Parents are happy with the improved communications with teachers and the ability to reach the right person in a timely way. And teachers have the assurance of knowing that they are receiving messages faster and are able to effectively interact with each other and parents.

    The high school sought out estimates from several other companies, but ultimately chose ShoreTel because the enterprise mobility solution offered the best product, best app for the iPad, fax server and, of course, the aforementioned savings. ShoreTel Mobility has enhanced productivity and efficiency and provided improved communication abilities for parents, teachers and students alike.

    McCarthy High is in the Archdiocese of Miami, Florida. Founded in 1997, the school is located in nearby Southwest Ranches, and has over 1,500 students enrolled. Regularly named one of the nation’s Top 50 Catholic High Schools, and recently ranked 6th among top private schools, McCarthy offers 15 AP courses and a dual enrollment program with Saint Thomas University, and reports that 99 percent of last year’s graduates are attending college.

    “ShoreTel has helped us spend more time with the students. Before I had to spend more time in my office to get phone calls or instant messages. Now I can be anywhere on or off campus and easily be reached. Same with the teachers, if a teacher is out of their classroom and I need to get a hold of them I just call them. Communication has increased substantially.

    - Richard P. Jean, Archbishop Edward A McCarthy High School principal.

    “We are well aware that schools are under pressure to modernize classrooms and infrastructures, while simultaneously dealing with shrinking budgets. ShoreTel Mobility allows schools to integrate leading and loved smartphones and tablets securely, simply and cost-effectively.”

    - Kevin Gavin, chief marketing officer at ShoreTel.



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