Are You Leveraging Presence Tools to Maximize Mobility?

    Surveys repeatedly say today’s workers are focused on abandoning the traditional office environment. This drive has intensified with the introduction of UCC as the tech generation has entered the professional ranks. The trend is noticeable in Gartner’s published expectations that 75 percent of mobile solutions will be fully integrated into enterprise communications infrastructures by 2016.

    Fortunately, the tools needed are readily available today. And while each UCC component plays a role in making mobility work, it is presence that serves as the key to empowering the anywhere, any time, any device mantra today’s professional hopes to achieve. Where a person is no longer matters, and when utilized fully, presence gives an information user access to knowledge capable of improving the end result.

    Encourage usage. Presence information, especially when coupled with other UCC tools (calendar access, messaging, video, etc.) allows colleagues to immediately know where there peers are and whether or not they are available. Train users on presence best practices so they can make more intelligent communication choices. For instance, focus on how to use presence to address a customer’s question by locating accessible and available experts within the system—and whether it’s best to reach that individual via messaging, voice or video.

    Focus on productivity. As a recent IDG survey demonstrates, improved productivity is one of the top two expectations when investing in UCC. Using presence to maximize mobility is one of the most significant components of improving productivity. Extending UCC tools to mobile staff improves their productivity (up to 10 percent), as well as the productivity of those who are dependent on their availability and responsiveness. 

    Embrace ah-ha’s. As the basis for all UCC interactions—including the ability to know where a user is working, which documents are open, etc.—presence is sure to evolve in it usage. Empower your entire user base to explore and share how they are utilizing presence to improve productivity, flexibility and collaboration both in-house and with external partners.

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