Are You A Phone Power User?

    Do you dread having to transfer a call or conference in another person when on your desk phone?

    We've all been there: Press the Conference or Transfer button and pray the original call doesn’t get dropped. And then, after a few stressful seconds, breathe a sigh of relief when everybody can speak to each other as intended.

    Because of this we have come to look at a call transfer or phone conference as difficult and part of an outmoded form of communications – with IM, email or texting we just send our communications to the list of our choosing and it seems so much easier. There is less real-time pressure to get it right.

    I contend however that as a user on a ShoreTel system, you are a phone power user.

    Whether you use the actual user interface on the ShoreTel phone, which is exceptionally intuitive, or you choose the Communicator desktop application to control your telephone, conferencing and transfers are within your reach.

    Use these features and freely conference and transfer with a calm abandon.

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