Arkansas County considering telephony upgrade for 911 service

    Officials from the Sebastian County, Arkansas, 911 call center unit are planning a major telephony upgrade that could include investments in unified communications or other advanced business phone services, the Times Record reported.

    According to the news source, the officials recently listened to two proposals for the new system. The first offered the contact center a large-scale move to next-generation telephony technologies that would help the unit operate more effectively. The second focused on upgrading software, with a similar goal of using technology to improve operations, the report said.

    After hearing the two presentations, county judge David Hudson explained the deal is not about which technology is best, but which can deliver the best operational benefits. According to the news source, he told the two vendors to calculate the business benefits of their solutions and come back with a new presentation that focuses on operations instead of IT.

    This focus is becoming increasingly common, as more organizations want to use technology to improve business, not just facilitate it. Cloud-based communication tools can be ideal for this need, as they can offer advanced functionality with minimal capital costs and optimal scalability.

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