Attention IT Directors: Top 10 reasons to move your phones to the cloud

    Few people know how difficult it is to be an IT Director. You are our firefighters; putting out the fires in the constant flux of our day to day. Surrounded by deadlines for maintenance and integrations,  the decisions you make keep the business secure and functional with the smartest and latest technology.The last thing you should have to worry about is your phone system.In an effort to make your day a little easier, we’ve listed the top 10 reasons why moving your phone system to the cloud will give you time to dedicate to more important things, like that pesky ID-10T error.

    1. Take away the maintenance headache
      On your laundry list of responsibilities, there’s no need for complexity. Changes to your phone system are simple with an easy to use web interface. Upgrades and system updates are performed by a team of experts during scheduled maintenance hours.

    2. Industry leading up-time with minimal outages
      M5 monitors its carriers in order to avoid problems before they affect our customers. In addition, we provide an unprecedented level of transparency with up-to-the-minute real-time system status and history; setting the bar publicly. (

    3. Future proof integrations
      Any vendor can list the features that their solution provides today, but what about the  features that emerging technology will make possible in the future?  M5’s cloud based infrastructure makes it possible for us to leverage new ideas without  requiring hardware upgrades.

    4. Customer Centric not Vendor Centric
      Cloud based phone systems are made even more powerful when your vendor has their own softswitch. Enhancements can be made at a pace that works for our customers, rather than at the whim of a third party provider.

    5. Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity
      Hosted applications have baked-in availability. On-premise disasters (weather, fire, etc.) won’t hinder access to your communication systems. The cloud is safer than your closet or server room, and it can be accessed from anywhere.

    6. Security
      Business demands enterprise-class data integrity, application reliability and physical safeguards. M5 invests in several levels of redundancy to maximize up-time for your business.

    7. CRM Integration with productivity/analysis
      Integrating CRM solutions like, Netsuite, and Sage CRM with your phone system gives management a never before available view of critical business metrics. “That which gets measured improves.”

    8. Flexibility
      Your business is always changing, and your phone system should be able to keep up.  A cloud based phone system like M5, gives you the flexibility to change the phone experience as business conditions demand.

    9. Uniformity
      Leveraging technology across disparate locations has always been difficult. The cloud allows easier implementations and uniform deployments. Users have the same experience, and your locations all sound the same to callers.

    10. Fully outsourced Customer Service
      Experience the benefit of on-demand support and training, not only for system administrators, but also for end users who simply double-tap the “?” button on their phone to contact support.

    Placing your entire company on a single phone system is critical. With industry leading up-time and future proofed integrations, you can rest easy knowing a cloud based solution will enhance your business with market leading technology. Make an empowering decision to make your phone system strengthen your business and improve your department.

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