Audio quality key to customer satisfaction in the contact center

    A survey by Jabra and Frost & Sullivan found that the majority of consumers feel that being able to understand a call center representative, as well as a feeling of personal connection, are extremely important for customer satisfaction. The poll, which gathered responses from over 250 contact centers in the US, China, the U.K., France and India, was to gather information related to good sound environments, productivity and employee satisfaction, according to Call Centre Clinic.

    Over 90 percent of contact centers put forth an effort to reduce background noise and remove sound disturbances, and 89 percent are working to improve the overall sound quality of their equipment. According to the survey though, 87 percent of consumers have experienced quality problems with phone-related service in the past 12 months. This means that improvements are still needed for consumers to feel comfortable and satisfied with their phone-based support calls.

    One way for call centers to combat sound quality issues is to use state-of-the-art technology. However, high-end equipment can be costly, especially for a small business. To combat this expense, a company can implement cloud VoIP phone systems. This cost effective strategy can drastically lower communication budgets by removing physical equipment that not only costs more initially, but can require extensive maintenance and repair, increasing the price substantially. According to the news source, VoIP service also provide higher audio quality than most high-end phone systems.

    Implementing a VoIP solution or a comprehensive unified communications system can make a drastic change in a company's customer satisfaction. UC-optimized headsets improve conversations in a more realistic way, according to the poll, and also can make customers feel more comfortable, as 82 percent of respondents prefer support calls to feel like private conversations.

    Cloud-based communications systems, in addition to other benefits, also provide more flexibility in the workplace. Employees can utilize more tools to access the cloud, and even work from home if the company allows it.

    Improving sound quality can also have a quantifiable benefit as well, according to the survey. Increased clarity and reduced background noise removes the need for callers and representatives to repeat themselves, reducing call times and allowing employees to be more productive, assisting more customers on a daily basis.

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