Augment Microsoft Lync With Voice Capability and Your UC Platform Will Be Complete

    There are many things that your business’ unified communications (UC) platform should encompass. And at its core should be powerful voice communication. If you have chosen Microsoft Lync as your UC platform, then you most likely have been on the lookout for a compliant, yet robust voice communications platform that can easily and seamlessly integrate with Lync.

    By investing in a solution that augments Lync voice capability, you will enjoy:

    • Proven and reliable voice and mobility
    • A seamless experience within Lync client, whether in-office or while going mobile
    • Immediate cloud utilization
    • No third-party components
    • Transparent and flexible integration with all frameworks—not just Microsoft

    To provide a solution to this ever-growing business need, Mitel offers MiVoice for Lync, a solution that not only augments Lync’s capabilities with reliable voice and mobility, but seamlessly integrates with Lync—so seamlessly that it is simply part of the Lync client. Whether you’re a small business looking to newly break into the market or a large enterprise with the most expansive set of UC features, MiVoice adapts to address the user at hand so that you can amplify your voice requirements within the Lync environment.

    Learn more about MiVoice for Lync.

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