Austin Band Five9s Wins ShoreTel’s Battle of the Bands

    On January 17, 2015, ShoreTel rocked Austin, Texas like never before. ShoreTel employees transformed from mild-mannered technology workers to rock musicians as they rocked out in the final round of ShoreTel’s Battle of the Bands learning program for employees.

    The performance began with Austin’s regional battle featuring the Austin bands Catfight, Five9s and Halfbaked, along with dnis Envy from Chicago. Each band performed two songs they had learned over the course of six months while working at ShoreTel. After some seriously good music, the judges, who consisted of local Austin musicians, selected Five 9s as the regional winner.

    The second part of the night featured the final battle between Nu Trix from Sunnyvale, banGalore from Rochester, Unsolicited Offer from NYC and Five 9s from Austin. Each band could only perform one song in an attempt to win the coveted crown of best ShoreTel band of the year. As each band took the stage, many of the party’s attendees danced and cheered for each band.

    After an invigorating show, the band Five 9s received the crown of fiscal year 2015’s title of Battle of the Bands Winner! They thoroughly rocked out with a strong musical performance and donned an interesting makeup of coordinated hazmat suits.

    This event marks the conclusion of a six-seven month journey for over 80 employees across the five offices in the U.S. Each office had a regional battle and the winner performed in Austin, TX. The Battle of the Bands programs is one that employees define as a unique and innovative program the ShoreTel provides for its employees. It is a program that challenges individual comfort zones and inspires teamwork throughout the organization.

    Congratulation to the Five 9s for winning both the regional and final battle of the bands! We look forward to discovering what next year’s talent will bring.