Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea 2014 - and the ShoreTel Sydney “Tim Tam Slam”

    Every year, the Cancer Council of Australia invites workplaces, schools, and the community in general to host a morning tea to raise funds for the good work the Cancer Council does in research and patient support across the country.

    This is the second time ShoreTel Australia has been involved, which gives those of us in the office the chance to down tools for 20 minutes, have a chat over a cup of tea or coffee, reconnect with our colleagues and raise a little bit of money for a good cause.

    And a morning tea wouldn’t be a morning tea without treats, which on this occasion we decided should be in the form of Tim Tams. In my opinion, it would not be a stretch to call the Tim Tam “The Biscuit That Stops a Nation.” This small chocolate biscuit (NOT a cookie) appears innocent enough and comes in range of options that will cause you to look twice, but it’s only when you do the Australian cultural phenomenon known as the “Tim Tam Slam” does the pure joy of the experience of chocolate, warmth and crunch come into its own.

    To celebrate Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea this year, ShoreTel Sydney wanted to provide a demonstration for how a Tim Tam Slam should be properly conducted, and we have issued a challenge to our ShoreTel colleagues around the world – we’ll send you the Tim Tams, if you show us how you Slam them.

    In the meantime however, we felt it important that we provide a couple of tips to the uninitiated on how to enhance the Slam experience – because at ShoreTel, it’s always about an awesome user experience.

    1. Drink or Beverage Temperature. It is critical that you give some thought to the temperature of what you drink while Slamming. You need a Goldilocks drink that is not too hot (you don’t want to scald yourself) and not too cold (it has to be warm enough so that it slightly melts the Tim Tam).
    2. Volume of Beverage. You need to also make sure that you have enough liquid in your ShoreTel coffee cup, so that your Tim Tam reaches the liquid while acting as a straw. Many a first time player has seen their Tim Tam disintegrate in their hands because they couldn’t get the Tim Tam into their drink at the right angle and the right depth.
    3. Speed of the Flip. Like all good games, you need to understand your equipment, its limitations and the speed at which you need to play. It’s important you flip your Tim Tam into your mouth as soon as you taste your beverage through the Tim Tam straw, as this is when it’s most likely to fall apart into mush and cause a mess, not the exhilaration that is The Slam.

    And so ladies and gentlemen, with that – I give you the ShoreTel Sydney Tim Tam Slam – watch the video!




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