Automatically Synchronize the ShoreTel System Directory with Microsoft AD Information

    ShoreTel Professional Services is pleased to announce the ShoreTel Active Directory (AD) Import Application, which automatically synchronizes the ShoreTel System Directory with Microsoft AD information and supports mixed PBX environments as well as migration of users from legacy systems. This application imports ShoreTel system directory records so that a complete corporate directory is presented within ShoreTel Communicator and desktop phones, allowing easy look up and dialing among users on all systems.

    This new ShoreTel integrated management tool reduces manual effort and streamlines IT operations. Administrators define custom imports with specific LDAP filters to update users by groups or in batches for large organizations. It also allows custom mappings between ShoreTel System Directory and LDAP Properties to re-organize user information as needed. A test mode option allows administrators to preview changes in application log files before any data is actually modified. Furthermore, the application can be optionally configured to update the AD with ShoreTel DIDs and extensions.

    Please contact your ShoreTel authorized reseller for more information or for a trial version of this new application and a chance to experience how this tool can reduce your manual work and save your operational cost.

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