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    How One Bank Managed Expectations Into a Better Customer Experience


    Improving customer experience is a top priority for today’s executive because of the impact it can have on the bottom line. With the variety of communication methods now available, managing the customer experience is more complex than ever before.

    Read on for a story from Customer Experience Growth Strategy and Business Development Expert Adrian Swinscoe of RARE Business to find out how one bank turned a potential disaster into loyalty-inspiring customer interaction.

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    “It’s often the smallest things that make the biggest difference.”

    Late one Thursday evening, I received a call from my bank about some suspicious activity on my current checking account. On reviewing a number of transactions, I told the bank’s representative that I wasn’t responsible for any of them.

    She told me that my bank account details had obviously been compromised and that she was going to cancel the cards associated with that account. She then said that she would order some new ones, arrange to block any pending transactions on my account and refund me for any transactions that had gone through. She then went on to explain that new cards would take up to four working days to arrive.

    Removing the threat of fraud from my account was my main concern. But, it was Thursday evening and new cards may not arrive until Wednesday of the following week. That was going to be really inconvenient. It made me realize how we can sometimes take access to banking facilities for granted, and when that gets interrupted, how disruptive it can be.

    On Saturday, to my surprise and delight, new cards arrived in the post and were ready to use. I only had to operate without my bank card for one day. I was both surprised and grateful to the bank for getting them to me so soon, especially since I had expected it to take up to four working days.

    Did the bank’s representative under-promise and over-deliver? Or, did they just manage my expectations? I don’t know. But, it did make me appreciate that it is often the smallest things that can have the biggest impact on a customer’s experience.




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