Banking Customers Invest Big in ShoreTel UC Solutions

    A ShoreTel Unified Communications system is a boon for financial institutions of all sizes and structures looking to improve operational efficiency, reduce costs and retain customers by providing quality service. ShoreTel’s financial customers include First Security Bank, MinnWest Bank, Colonial Savings, First Neighbor Bank and New Dominion Bank.

    These financial institutions have found that the ease of deployment and scalability of a ShoreTel UC solution, along with the ability to serve customers over a variety of communication channels, meet each of their unique needs. This also includes supporting thousands of users and bringing new branches online quickly and seamlessly.

    Among the many benefits that these customers experience when implementing ShoreTel, is easy system management for IT staff. This is possible through a single management interface that is intuitive to navigate. This helps administration of the entire system, along with the various applications and tools including unified messaging and contact center, to be fast and uncomplicated. For all financial institutions, a secure communication system is also critical for preventing data breaches and protecting the privacy of customer’s financial information.

    With the banking industry continuing to evolve from primarily brick-and-mortar buildings to online banking and phone services, customer service plays a critical role in banks’ ability to stay competitive. A ShoreTel IP PBX with integrated UC allows these organizations to meet customer demands faster and more effectively, crucial for the success of any financial firm.

    Read more information in our recent press release.

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