Behind the Scenes - Directing and the Director Video

    It is always interesting to see a video being made and how the large team “behind the scenes” works together towards a common objective - telling a great story in video.

    To pull it off, you have to have someone that provides guidance to talent in front of the camera while at the same time orchestrating the actions of a large crew behind it. Interacting with the director of photography to get the right framing and ‘look’, interacting with the sound technicians to make sure that the audio is coming through clean, and interacting with the producer to make sure everything is on time and on budget. In short, you need a really good director.

    Kind of like a business phone system.

    If you are going to have good business communications, you need a steady hand to orchestrate all the components and bring together the IP network, PSTN network, phones, and users in a seamless fashion so that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. And that’s exactly what ShoreTel Director does.

    Director the product is available today as part of ShoreTel’s industry-leading UC solution, is just waiting to orchestrate your business’ communications.


    Image - panorama assembled from iPhone stills taken behind the scenes at the ShoreTel Director video shoot in Los Angeles, California. 

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