Belgium Government Agency Employees Stay Connected with ShoreTel Mobility

    The Belgian Federal Social Security Administration is one of the country’s 14 federal public service agencies. It coordinates with government, employers, workers, and the social security institutions themselves to ensure the viability of Belgium’s social security system. The Social Security organization operates a dynamic, highly efficient paperless office and mobile work culture.

    With the improvements to create a technology-savvy work environment came the need for reliable, cost-efficient mobile connectivity. As agents became more mobile—able to work anywhere in the building or from home—the cost of cellular phone service increased and the ability to quickly be reached was somewhat haphazard. Helping the Belgian Social Security Administration capitalize on its results-oriented mobile work culture is ShoreTel Mobility.

    Providing straightforward integration of smartphones and tablets with existing applications and infrastructure, ShoreTel Mobility delivers seamless integration with the user interface of most mobile devices, including Android, Apple, Nokia, Blackberry, and other major devices. Benefits include:

    • 30% cost savings on mobile phone roaming costs
    • Greater connectivity and simplicity for mobile workforce
    • Quick return on investment
    • Greater employee retention 

    “Reachability was difficult. That’s where ShoreTel Mobility came in. Everyone [now] has one mobile device with a single enterprise number and a softphone.”
    —Kris Bouten, Product and Infrastructure Manager, Belgian FPS Social Security





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