Ben Christensen is ShoreTel's Fan of the Month for March

    ShoreTel is pleased to introduce and congratulate our ShoreTel Fan-of-the-Month for March, 2016: Ben Christensen, a ShoreTel enthusiast. 

    Ben is the vice president and CIO at Weber State Credit Union, which is located in Ogden, Utah and has 10,000 members and a staff of 43 employees. During the previous nine years, Weber State Credit Union had been using a phone system which had become too expensive to scale. When it came to choosing a new communications solution to accommodate growth, Ben discovered that ShoreTel was clearly a natural fit.

    Read more about why Ben decided to choose ShoreTel.

    What made you decide to deploy ShoreTel UC rather than upgrade your existing Mitel system?

    Our Mitel 3300 system was at the end of life and was unable to scale.  Adding agents or handsets meant an expensive hardware and software upgrade. Maintenance was an additional cost since we don’t have the telephony expertise to manage a complex system in-house. At that point, it made more sense to look at a new phone system.

    What led you to choose ShoreTel?

    I’ve been involved in different telecom solutions at other institutions and I was very familiar with Cisco and Avaya, the old Nortel, and NEC. I knew what functionality we were looking for and at what price point. As I started to dig deeper into ShoreTel and talk with different resources, I was sold.

    Since making the decision to deploy ShoreTel, it became clear that ShoreTel VoIP UC and ShoreTel Enterprise Contact Center are a natural fit for Weber State Credit Union. Integration with our existing business applications, like Symitar and IVR, was a requirement that other vendors could not fulfill.  The Symitar integration provides our agents with information about the member from an auto pop feature, which has improved efficiency and customer service.

    What ShoreTel features have added the most value to Weber State Credit Union?

    ShoreTel’s robust functionality has changed the way our employees do business. Using ShoreTel's instant messaging has enabled users to migrate away from managing calls on the handset to the desktop for basic functions like call forwarding, transferring a call, setting up conference calls, and recording phone calls. Now they just click on the screen.

    ShoreTel’s customizable reporting capabilities offer historical and real-time snapshots of efficiency, and the auto attendant has lightened the load in the contact center. The auto attendant offers callers several different options and directs the member to the right department. Now calls are answered within the first 30 seconds.

    If another credit union asked about your ShoreTel experience, what would you say?

    ShoreTel is a dynamic, intuitive, robust and manageable solution. The phone system, auto attendant, reporting and 98% of the features were deployed within a six-week window. Since we went live, we’ve had zero downtime. We have redundancy on every database and all of it’s automated. On a scale of 1 to 10, ShoreTel is absolutely a 10.

    Read more about Ben's experience and insights in the Weber State Credit Union case study.


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