Benchmark tests show profit and productivity of contact centers

    BenchmarkPortal recently ran the first ever survey of the effect advancing contact center technology has on company profits. According to the results, a business that handles around two million calls a year would see a savings of more than $700,000 by upgrading its business phone systems or unified communications solution.

    Call center technology is constantly evolving, with new features like real time and video chat supported, as well as solutions that provide in-house benefits, like customer relationship management improvements. These changes can drastically increase first call resolution time and the calls handled per agent per hour, as well as reduce average queue time and the cost per call, according to the survey. These four factors make the largest difference in profits for any call center.

    Another benchmark survey, performed by ForeSee, addressed customers' satisfaction with their call center experiences. This survey reports that on average, 70 percent of consumers are happy with the support they have received.

    By implementing these changes, a business can not only improve the quality of support it offers through its call centers, but directly increase profits through that higher quality.

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