Best-path-to-the-Cloud: What French Consulting firms say about telephony in the Cloud – Part 5 : SRC Solution

    Let’s imagine for a moment that all the restrictions tied to Cloud-based telephony are removed: you have perfectly dimensioned Internet access (via optic fibre cable, of course) at a reasonable cost, Cloud-based telecoms service vendors are numerous and their websites explain their offers in full detail. You don’t even wonder any more if you should invest or opt for a Cloud-based service, because the answer is obvious – no one invests in a telephone system in 2018! In these circumstances, how are you going to choose your Cloud-based service? You will undoubtedly ask your consulting firm to help you draw up a comparative analysis. Here, in brief, is what this analysis could look like.

    • Service quality and availability: all vendors offer impeccable service (in theory) with availability indicators showing several 9s (99.999). It’s difficult to differentiate between them, but you are sure that you will get quality in the end.
    • The types of handsets or rather user interfaces that are proposed: as the SIP protocol is widely adopted and integrated by all suppliers, you have a broad choice of terminals and software for tablets and mobile phones. At this stage it is challenging to distinguish between the offers. You start to take an interest in related systems that are ‘compatible’ with telephony systems. In 2018 the Cloud ecosystem will be greatly changed.

    To imagine what it might be look let’s look at how the printed press has evolved. Most magazines are now available online, and to create added value (and keep their readers) they use the many web services that are available: if you want to comment on an article you post on Facebook, if you want to share information you use Twitter. An article can be linked to a video on YouTube, etc.

    Choosing a Cloud-based telephony solution in 2018 will mean finding the solution that makes the most of the potential in the Cloud.

    • You want your telephone service to be linked to your Microsoft Office 365 messaging solution, also in the Cloud
    • When you receive a call a link to the directory will instantly give you the name of the caller and Google Maps will show the caller’s location
    • Your phone welcome message will be delivered by a Cloud-based service capable of speaking in all languages
    • If you want to track costs (taxation) you can choose this option online
    • Etc.

    At SRC Solution we believe that once the technical constraints are removed Cloud-based telephony will provide a multitude of new services, all of which will afford opportunities for today’s manufacturers and content providers.

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