Boston Ballet Keeps Productions Running Gracefully with ShoreTel

    Nothing says class and sophistication like the ballet, which would naturally mean that the communication solution used by a ballet company should be equally classy and sophisticated. We’d like to think that’s the case, as the Boston Ballet has chosen ShoreTel to replace its outdated phone systems, which not only improved the efficiency of its behind-the-scenes crew, but also saved the organization tens of thousands of dollars yearly.

    When considering a new phone system, the Boston Ballet needed more efficient communications between its staff at the ballet school and ballet company, since coordination and swift action are essential, especially during the annual Nutcracker performances. Swift communication between ballet patrons, staff, dancers, teachers, students, parents, and anyone else is a large part of its daily processes, and are key for its many functions.

    So what does Boston Ballet get out of ShoreTel? Boston Ballet now has a flexible IP phone system that can be adjusted to meet its needs depending on growth and traffic. This eliminates unnecessary individual POTS lines, replacing it with a reliable, single, affordable circuit for its approximately 150 staff members and 60 dancers.

    Not only that, the phone system now helps the Boston Ballet save money. By replacing the expensive OPX lines the Boston Ballet previously used with ShoreTel’s systems have allowed the organization to cut its monthly phone bill by nearly. Maintenance costs remain low while IT staff can easily handle changes to the system. Without the need for receptionists to deal with call routing and handling, the savings reach between $30,000 and $40,000 annually.

    So the next time you’re in Boston and want to see the latest performance by the Boston Ballet (which is a must-see for anyone in the area), you can rest easy knowing that communication behind the scenes is fast and efficient, thanks to ShoreTel’s IP phones and UC solution.