Boston Globe Selects ShoreTel to Improve Communications

    For a newspaper, good communication is essential. Reporters and editors alike rely on a phone system to conduct interviews, connect with colleagues, talk with sources and more.

    For the Boston Globe, a newspaper with more than 125 years of history, having a 20-year-old POTS Centrex phone system didn’t meet the newspaper’s needs. The paper needed greater mobility to accommodate employees in the advertising and reporting departments, who frequently work out of the office. And because the Boston Globe’s building is for sale, it wanted a system that could easily move with the company.

    So selecting an on-premises ShoreTel solution was a no-brainer for the newspaper, which had evaluated Mitel, DSCI and Vertical Wave. The Boston Globe deployed more than a thousand ShoreTel IP Phones, an on-premises ShoreTel PBX and ShoreTel Communicator.

    In particular, the newspaper liked the features, remote call center capabilities and cost savings achieved with ShoreTel. The ShoreTel solution will save the newspaper an estimated $1.6 million over five years, said Mary Beth Bayes, telecom manager at the Boston Globe. Plus, having advanced remote call center capabilities are important for the Boston Globe customer service department.

    “A lot of our readership is elderly people and they don’t want to chat or text or even email. They want to call on a telephone and talk to somebody. So in that respect, communicating with our customers makes it an imperative that we have fully featured remote applications,” Bayes said.

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