Bottom’s Up – The ShoreTel 400 Series Comes to Sky

    Rumors are circulating that the deskphone is dead. This is untrue.

    Companies continue to make significant investments into their communications endpoint infrastructure; ShoreTel recognizes this and continues to innovate. For many end-users, desk phones are simply the easiest and quickest way to communicate and collaborate in the office. ShoreTel provides a choice.

    With the new 400 Series phones for ShoreTel Sky, ShoreTel offers a solution that truly optimizes how end users communicate for work. This is the phone handset for the productive knowledge worker. And customers now have the opportunity for a top to bottom ShoreTel experience.

    The 400 Series of ShoreTel phones builds on the current portfolio of ShoreTel IP phones as the first handset series for ShoreTel Sky customers exclusively manufactured and developed by ShoreTel. The new ShoreTel phone was designed with our customers, for our customers. During the development phase, we looked at our phones and said "How can we take the already award winning design and make it better?" So we asked our customers what they wanted in a ShoreTel phone and the result is the 400 Series.

    For customers that are considering an upgrade to their existing IP phone solution or a move to a cloud solution, the ShoreTel IP 400 series phones support either deployment model or a combination of both.

    Familiar call conductor platform and phone

    • Interoperability with Sky Portal so select settings and call handling can be managed according to users’ preferences

    • ShoreTel Cloud integrated application support

    • Softkey speed dial to ShoreTel Sky support

    • LAN agnostic LLDP support enables client preference

    • Encrypted signaling using SIP over TLS

    Ergonomic design for comfort and ease of use

    • Small form factor with contoured handset and slanted keypad for ease of dialing

    • Intuitive icons for usability and awareness of phone activity

    • Crystal-clear audio quality, seven full octaves of sound. (Most phones only offer three.)

    • Full-duplex speakerphones enable hands-free interaction

    • Crisp 480 x 274 backlit color display on 485G

    For more information, visit here or read the press release.

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