Breathe Editing Inc. Utilizes M5's Hosted VoIP Phone System To Convey Newly Polished Corporate Image Provide Excellent Customer Experience with Cutting Edge Technology

    M5 Networks, Inc., announces that Breathe Editing Inc., a New York-based creative film editing company that works with commercials, music videos, public service announcements and a broad range of other like projects utilizes M5's hosted VoIP solution to convey a newly polished corporate image, provide excellent customer care and experience with cutting edge technology.

    Breathe Editing focuses on the relationship between the client and their editor, and has completed many successful projects with some of the most prolific and well-known companies internationally including ad agencies such as BBDO, musical groups including Roger Waters/Pink Floyd, and non-profit groups such as Petra Nemcova's Happy Hearts Fund.

    With M5's reliable and fail-safe solution, Breathe Editing conveys a consistently polished image to clients in all phone interactions. Staff is always reachable and they have improved client care and satisfaction with streamlined communications and mobile working capabilities. The efficiency of the office has improved as a result of sophisticated call routing strategies. In film editing they use the newest tools for advanced editing, and they need their image and infrastructure to reflect the importance they place on technology products and tools. M5 provides Breathe Editing a scalable solution that keeps their company on the cutting edge of technology.

    Founder and Executive Producer at Breathe Editing, Kenny Pedini remarked, "The M5 solution makes it so much easier for me to do what I do. It always works, we're reachable 24/7, and the system gives us technology tools that enable a more flexible working lifestyle for staff."

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