Brilliant Simplicity in Seconds

    Sometimes people ask us, “What do you mean by Brilliantly Simple?”

    They see it on the ShoreTel logo, but putting the concept into concrete terms frequently involves a long discussion about ease of administration, ease of use, architecture, etc.

    Today a customer (a small college with just over 1,000 extensions) shared copies of three bills of materials for the same application – one for Avaya, one for Cisco and one for ShoreTel.

    I was struck at how different Avaya and Cisco’s list was and how this demonstrated the simplicity of the ShoreTel product versus these two competitors.

    The Avaya list included 62 distinct SKUs including support and barely squeezed onto one entire page by using a small font. (I was unable to make heads or tails of about 85% of the descriptions.)

    The Cisco list showed 111 SKUs including support and included individual line items for bits like power supplies and even power cords! It was 2.5 pages long, again with a tiny font. Most of the descriptions were unintelligible.

    The ShoreTel list hit upon the essence of our “brilliantly simple” architecture. It contained just 16 line items – including support and the server. Avaya had almost four times as many part numbers and Cisco required almost seven times as many as ShoreTel!

    THAT’s brilliant simplicity!