Brilliantly Simple Integration

    Once in a while you get a request from a channel partner that develops into a broader relationship. So it was in EMEA when a channel partner was looking into a customer request for a door-entry system compatible with the ShoreTel UC platform.

    There are many phone-based entry systems where the buzzer on the door calls a number and the person answering the call can open the door. Nonetheless, this particular customer also needed a video component because staff receiving the entry request may be in another building miles away. The customer wanted the ability to see who was at the door – with enough clarity to identify the visitor via the video feed.

    Enter ProVu. Their ProTalk IP (SIP) Door Entry product integrated with ShoreTel UC right out of the box using standard SIP extension settings. Creating a batch file under ShoreTel’s EasyPop CTI application added the video. When a guest buzzes the system for entry, a group of phones simultaneously rings with a 640x480 resolution video of the caller.

    ProVu has now joined the ShoreTel Innovation Network as a Foundation member where they are able to provide the technical information and tools necessary for third parties, like ProVu’s Door Entry System, to integrate their solutions with ShoreTel for customers like the one mentioned above.