Bringing Fax Into the Modern World

    Despite the advent of the Internet, email, texting and a slew of other communications technologies, the fax machine is still a persistent presence in many offices.

    Though somewhat surprising, the use of fax machines still makes sense in the modern age. They offer a simple, one-step alternative to sending document copies from one location to another, without having to go through the multi-step process that scanning and emailing require.

    With today’s VoIP fax technologies, you no longer need to be at a physical location to fax a document. Instead, you can send and receive faxes from desktop computers and mobile devices. And, with full fax capabilities embedded in their email clients, modern office workers can transfer critical documents to any fax machine and get delivery confirmation by email. Likewise, they can receive documents sent from a fax machine directly into their email account, removing the dependence on standalone equipment.

    Road Warrior Advantages

    For those working remotely, VoIP fax provides the ability to send and receive faxes from mobile devices. By removing the physical requirement to receive time-sensitive documents, VoIP fax eliminates delays and speeds decision-making. For example, sales professionals can close deals even while on the road, executives can accelerate company goals as they vacation, and attorneys can move forward more quickly on complex negotiations when away from the office.

    On top of all that, VoIP faxes can be saved and searched like emails. This is a particularly valuable feature for critical documents like legal contracts, which need to be easily retrieved for reference on multiple occasions.

    “The integration of faxes into the system is very important for our business,” says Paul Christiani, CIO of American Title and a ShoreTel customer. “A lot of our business is done via fax, so when faxes come in, they come in through the ShoreTel equipment and are sent to employees through the email system. Users are alerted faster and they can give it their immediate attention if necessary. This improves customer service because many of these fax transactions are extremely time-sensitive.”

    Going Green Provides Cost Savings, Too

    Delivering faxes electronically helps organizations go green by cutting back on the amount of paper generated in the course of doing business. This results no only in reduced paper costs, but other cost savings as well. It eliminates the need for physical machines, reducing costs for hardware, ink and technical support. This can mean significant savings, especially for businesses with large offices and/or those with with multiple locations.

    Companies that adopt VoIP fax across their organization will streamline their workflow and achieve greater efficiency, higher productivity and speedier resolutions. All of this leads to making your business more agile, an essential part of doing business in the modern world.

    ShoreTel Connect HYBRID Fax accommodates and enhances traditional faxing. Learn more about it here.


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