Business Communications in 2025 According to Jon Arnold

    What will the future of business communications look like in the next ten years? Since our crystal ball is in the shop, we asked business communication leaders to share their predictions. Here’s what VoIP and IP Communications Analyst and Consultant Jon Arnold had to say:

    “The technologies and tools that comprise ‘business communications’ will ultimately evolve to suit the needs of the workplace over the next ten years.

    I think networks will be all-IP, and TDM will be gone, at which point it won’t need to be called VoIP—we’ll just call it voice.

    I certainly expect VoIP will be central to business communications in 2025, but in different forms from today.

    Desk phones will be gone, and probably PSTN-based dialing. Voice will simply be embedded in every form of connectivity and serve as one of many modes that give sustenance to IoE, the uber-force we will all come to embrace.”

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