Business Communications A to Z: a Handy Reference Guide for Call Center Week

    In March, ShoreTel’s rolled out a business communications glossary to make all the terms and acronyms of VoIP UC readily available in one package. Highlighted in a series of blogs, ShoreTel’s Businesses Communications A to Z gives you everything you need to know about unified communications.

    As Call Center Week opens in Las Vegas, where ShoreTel will be a sponsor and exhibitor to showcase ShoreTel Contact Center, the time is right to showcase the Business Communications A to Z glossary to address Contact Center definitions.

    The glossary can provide useful explanations to a reader encountering sentences like the following: “Through advances in purpose-built UC, the old call center has become a full-fledged, multimedia contact center. CTI has leveraged Caller ID with communications-enabled applications to give agents easy access to up-to-the-minute customer data, from CDR to expanded key CEBPs.”

    With the glossary, a reader can quickly discover that CTI - Computer-telephony integration – “refers to any technology that enables integrated interaction on a telephone and a computer. Examples include screen pops, automatic dialing and call center functions.”

    Caller ID “is used to allow the called party to see the calling party’s name and telephone number before picking up the phone.”

    With CDR – call detail record - “business phone systems generate detailed logs of calls, which can be saved for processing and analysis.”

    And CEBPs - communications-enabled business processes – entail the following: “When business applications are integrated with communications applications to improve operations and workflow, it is known as communications-enabled business processes. CEBP can be used in collaboration, contact center, notification applications, and reporting and analytics tools. So if you are on the floor of the Call Center Week exhibit, Business Communications A to Z could help your refresh your Call Center vocabulary.”

    So, if you are on the floor of the Call Center Week exhibit this week and want a quick refresh of Call Center information, don’t forget Business Communications A to Z.

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