Business Continuity in an IPV6 world

    World IPv6 Day is today and it will showcase those companies that have enabled their “edge” for IPv6.

    As IPV6 continues its rollout throughout the world, most businesses are considering what it takes or are already implementing solutions to maintain connectivity with their customers that will connect to their Web services and/or UC applications overIPV6 networks.   

    Simply stated, it is like teaching a Web server or application server to listen for a second channel of communications: both IPV4 and IPV6. Customer interactions could come in on either channel.

    So clearly businesses need to enable IPV6 at the edge – where the Internet intersects with public facing services and applications.

    What is not so clear is if the private networks and applications and devices that live behind the edge need to rapidly follow suit. While there is no doubt that in the long run all networking connectivity will be running over IPv6, it might be perfectly acceptable to maintain the IPv4 status quo on the private network for some time with minimal disruption to business plans or network and application re-designs.

    I expect to see a hybrid world for some time to come and businesses should carefully plan their migration to end-to-end IPv6 on their private networks.

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