Business Insider: Amazon, Google, And Nexus Have All Dropped The Ball On Customer Service

    By Dan Hoffman,

    Can a company that does not publish a 1-800 number for customer support win an award for customer service? Yep. Amazon frequently wins such honors, including first place in Businessweek’s annual customer service rankings. Supplying digital support to digital customers is brilliant. In fact, the epitome of great consumer service is Amazon’s Kindle. It magically offers ubiquitous connectivity, and I can get a book in one click from anywhere, anytime. That makes me a happy customer.

    It turns out, however, that great service is defined differently by different client groups. Last week, Amazon’s Web services cloud crashed… for 36 hours. It was easier to avoid a tweet about Charlie Sheen in February than it was to miss the collective outrage at Amazon. But despite the fact that this outage was public knowledge, and the fact that it had a devastating impact on Amazon’s customers, there was no direct customer notification from Amazon for 12 hours. Furthermore, there still hasn’t been any detailed information about the problem or a public apology. That makes for a lot of unhappy customers.

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