Business owners trust the cloud

    Despite cloud security fears that industry experts have voiced recently, cloud computing is becoming a more trusted tool for data protection.

    A recent Gartner study revealed that companies don't trust their business partners as much as they trust cloud providers, reported Information Age. The surprising results of this survey prove that the cloud is fast becoming an industry norm. The fact that many companies have the ability to verify and place security measures like encryption on their cloud services could explain these results.


    About 39 percent of IT professionals said they have a policy against sharing sensitive information with business partners, but only 29 percent have a similar policy put in place for the cloud, according to the survey.


    "These results make sense, given that sharing data with a [business] partner almost certainly means that one or more of its employees will be accessing the data, while in a SaaS scenario, the data is typically only accessible to the primary customer," said Jay Heiser, research vice president at Gartner, according to the news provider.


    More companies storing sensitive data


    Another recent survey from Gartner on the state of risk management programs found that businesses are more likely to consider storing sensitive information on software as a service, which is a type of cloud, as opposed to mission-critical information.


    Although this survey suggests that storing sensitive information has become a normal practice for many organizations, this does not mean that business owners should rule out taking precautions.


    The Gartner risk management survey suggests that businesses evaluate and verify the security of the cloud. In InformationWeek's recent report, 31 percent of respondents were not aware of the security measures a cloud vendor uses. Only 26 percent of respondents that use SaaS evaluated information and security documentation from their providers.


    Another important step is to to look at third party validation, a leading provider of cloud security recently told Sys-Con Media. Organizations should research reviews from auditors that test cloud computing security. If auditors approve of a certain cloud vendor, it could make a user feel more confident in their provider decision.


    As companies consider their options for outsourcing data, they shouldn't let possible breaches hinder their decision to store sensitive data on the cloud. As the Gartner studies show, users who implement the proper security measures trust the cloud more than they trust their own business partners.



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