The business phone is changing

    Business telephone solutions are rapidly becoming vastly different than they were just a few years ago, as more businesses turn to cloud PBX, unified communications and socially-focused solutions. According to a recent Technology Spectator report, much of this change is being brought on by social media's role in the enterprise.

    The rapid rise of social media showed businesses that they can collaborate more efficiently, while cloud computing enabled advanced technology deployment at affordable prices. These factors are combining to create an environment in which the core aspects of how businesses develop communications infrastructure will change during the next few years, the news source explained.

    To a great extent, this shift will see many businesses begin to question the validity of the PBX. This is already happening, in some ways, as more organizations are turning to the cloud for their PBX infrastructure instead of hosting it on site.

    When organizations deploy a cloud PBX solution, they are giving up some control of their telephony infrastructure. But collaboration trends indicate that control is not nearly as important the major operational benefits that come from turning to the cloud for telephony.

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